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Misery Loves Company: How to Protect Your Peace


You have probably heard it said before, misery loves company. The fact of the matter is if you don't watch the company that you keep you could find yourself in a miserable situation (pun intended). I say this because often times we focus on the other individual's actions and not our own, we have a responsibility to ourselves to protect our own peace. That means not waiting until the tables turn to let that gossiping friend go. If they will talk about other people in front of you, they will talk about you behind your back. (Amen? Amen.) That also means when uninvited misery comes knocking at your door you don't answer the call for your attention. It is important to protect your peace, some people will always be unhappy and that is not the type of energy that you want to allow in your space. 

Here are a few tips on how to protect your peace:

  • Seek approval from within: Thank God we don't need the approval of a hater. Their opinion of who you are or your situation is irrelevant. Validate yourself and know that you are not defined by other peoples opinions.


  • Surround yourself with people who make you better: If a person is not trying to add real value to your life don't even give them your time, energy, or attention. Draw closer to the people who want to see you do good in life. 


  • Part ways with your unhealthy relationships: You know that person who isn't really for you but you have known each other for so long you just keep them around? Yeah, times up buddy! They have to go and there is no time like now to cut ties with your unhealthy relationships. 


  • It's not you, it's them... don't take it personally: When people are acting toxic towards you most times it is not because of anything that you did but more because of what they feel like they are lacking. Don't take it to heart, pray for them and keep it moving. You are underqualified for their drama.


  • Check yourself: You ever been in a room and someone smelled musty and even though you knew you practiced proper hygiene that day you couldn't resist but to double check to see if it wasn't you smelling so rank? That's what I'm asking you to do. When we find ourselves attracting a lot of drama and nonsense sometimes it is you and you need to make some changes. (Helpful tip: It's usually the main ones talking about how much they hate drama that stays in the middle of it.) Sounds like you? Then It's time for a change.


Remember, you are in control of who enters and exits your life, choose your relationships wisely. Take a close look at your circle and identify the people you need to cut and the ones who you need to keep close. Our lives are heavily influenced by the type of company we keep. Ask yourself, am I better for knowing this person? If not, then you know what to do.